McGregor And Mayweather ‘In Talks Over MMA Rematch Worth Up To £360m’

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are reportedly in talks over a sensational MMA rematch potentially worth $500million (£360m).

The pair met in August when McGregor was stopped in the 10th round of their glitzy Las Vegas boxing match, Mayweather’s favored discipline.

However talkSPORT presenter Jim White has reported the pair are discussing a potential rematch in the octagon and believes the fight will happen.

McGregor Mayweather rematch

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are ‘in talks’ over a rematch in MMA

‘My soundings are that there are a lot of talks going on in the background, there are a lot of talks around people with Mayweather,’ White said.

‘There are a lot of talks about him potentially having an MMA fight with McGregor. McGregor had no chance in a boxing match with Mayweather.

‘People will tune in to see Mayweather get stopped by Conor McGregor and it won’t affect his boxing record.

‘I think it’s going to happen and I think it will be a three, four, five hundred million dollar fight again.’

McGregor Mayweather rematch

McGregor has encouraged Mayweather to step into the octagon for a sensational rematch


McGregor Mayweather rematch

Mayweather recently flirted with a foray into MMA with a video showing him in the cage

Mayweather has repeatedly hinted he could be ready to make his debut in the octagon and posted a video of himself stepping into an MMA cage last month.

Longtime MMA commentator Joe Rogan claimed Mayweather is already in talks with UFC president Dana White over a potential ‘billion dollars’ deal to fight.

And Mayweather has bragged that he’d received multi-fight deal offers from the UFC and could make a billion dollars if he enters the octagon.

McGregor Mayweather rematch

Mayweather stopped McGregor in the 10th round of their Las Vegas boxing bout in August

But former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping believes any meeting between the pair under the MMA discipline would be short-lived.

‘I honestly can’t see Mayweather fighting mixed martial arts and certainly [not] in the UFC,’ Bisping said on his podcast. ‘McGregor in an MMA fight will f****** destroy Mayweather like he’s never seen.’

Bisping added: ‘You take him down you pass guard and you elbow the f*** out of his face in about 35 seconds, you fight a boxer [like Mayweather] you take him down.’

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